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Steps To Installing A Tar And Chip Pavement

Property owners often look for cost-effective and less time-consuming options to construct an aesthetic yet sturdy pavement. With various options available, many opt for a tar and chip pavement because of its economic rates and less maintenance.

A tar and chip pavement is constructed using liquid asphalt and stone in layers to create a textured yet attractive surface, depicting optimal performance at all times.

While many prefer to get the job done by professionals to avoid errors, a tar and chip pavement can also be a DIY project. Those who wish to hire paving contractors for the job can reach out to us at C.H. Paving & Sealcoating to get quality construction at reasonable rates in Blairstown, NJ. Click here for a quick response from our team. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss all the necessary steps one should follow while installing a tar and chip pavement.

1. Clean the ground where the pavement is to be established with a broom and remove all trash, debris, and stones off it for a smoothly finished pavement. 

2. After choosing the color and texture of gravel chips that will be laid on top of the tar, have them transported to the site before the process begins for a quick installation.

3. Using heavy machinery, roll out the site area to check for any unleveled surface. Spread crushed gravel that will act as a foundation for the tar and chip pavement. 

4. Using an asphalt sprayer, spray out the liquid tar to the thickness of your choice for the pavement. This step requires caution as it includes the use of hot liquid asphalt.

5. Spread out the gravel chips again while the tar is still hot and sticky and work with a rake to even them out. 

6. With a roller machine, compact the gravel chips into the liquid tar and allow the process to set for 48 hours before any foot/vehicle traffic. 

Some of the misconceptions attached to tar and chip pavement are that they give out a rough and bumpy look. Instead, when in contact with the liquid tar, the gravel chips get locked in and become one form of pavement after heavy machinery is rolled over for compacting. 

Many people also assume that there may be loose rocks lying on top, hindering the walking passage. Here, the stones that are left open after compacting are dusted off, removed, while others get molded in once foot traffic resumes on the surface. 

While still being an economical option, the tar and chip pavement includes liquid tar and oil, which are becoming costly every day. Even then, the process only requires about 30% of it and is durable because of less maintenance that it needs.

Professional contractors at C.H. Paving & Sealcoating have years of experience when it comes to constructing durable and robust tar and chip pavement. Hire us for your pavement construction in Blairstown, NJ. Click here to get an estimate now!

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