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Some Of The Most Common Parking Lot Liability Issues & How You Can Avoid Them

Parking lots are a valuable addition to a commercial property. Finding a proper parking spot for their cars or walking a long distance is an inconvenience for customers, so they prefer shopping for goods and services from a property that had a secure parking lot.

Once you add a parking lot to your property, you will see its positive impact on your business.

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Parking lot managers and owners only take into account the benefits of getting a parking lot paved or the maintenance costs they will have to afford. However, they fail to consider the liability that comes with it.

In many cases, parking lot owners are held liable for accidents and injuries that occur on their property if proven that it was their negligence of the lot that contributed or caused the accident. In short, you can be sued, which means getting a bad reputation, having to pay a considerable settlement, or in some cases, even fines.

6 Common Parking Lot Liability Issues:

Insufficient lighting

If any vehicle or pedestrian gets into an accident due to a pothole or approaching car, they did not see due to poor lighting; then, as a property owner, you will be held accountable. Thus, to avoid it, you need to make sure that there are sufficient light fixtures, and all of them are working—store bulbs in your inventory to replace any fused lights as soon as they go out. 

Poor security

Hire a security guard or guards depending on your lot’s size to stop parking lot thefts, muggings, carjacking, and more. Also, install CCTV cameras to monitor all activities going on in your parking lot 24/7. 

Faded line striping

If worn off paint is not enough, then see if there is an increase in haphazard parking to know. Bad parking or regular car parking in accessibility spots are clear indications that your line striping is no longer visible to drivers. So before there is a climb in fender benders and accidents, refresh your line striping.

Damaged pavement

Ignoring your parking lot’s needs and not doing proper maintenance can result in cracks, potholes, depressions, and more.

If the damage done to your asphalt surface is not immediately repaired, not only will the surface further deteriorate, resulting in the need for repaving, but vehicles coming in your lot can get damaged, and pedestrians can suffer injuries.

ADA incompliance

All parking lot owners have to ensure full ADA compliance while constructing and operating a parking lot as per the State laws. Double-check your parking lot plans to see if all ADA guidelines are met, and proper signage is put up to distinguish between regular parking and accessibility spots.

Snow and ice

Ice and snow removal is necessary because it can cause skidding and slip-and-fall accidents. Also, a closed parking lot can slow down business.

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