Along with complete parking lot and driveway construction, we also perform drainage installation and repair. At C.H. Paving, we understand the importance of proper drainage. An asphalt structure cannot remain stable for long without drainage facilities like catch basins. If the water doesn’t flow properly, the asphalt paving will quickly deteriorate.

We can design and install efficient drainage systems for new construction projects. And we also create surface grades for asphalt paving to ensure proper water flow on your property. This prevents water from accumulating on the surface, which leads to cracks, potholes, and even sub-base damage. With adequate drainage systems, you can ensure the long life of your driveway or parking lot.

Your drainage systems will only work if they are cleaned regularly. This includes the timely removal of dirt, debris, and sediment from the gutters and catch basins. That’s why you can also call use for drainage cleaning and jetting. Moreover, we can also help restore your asphalt or concrete’s structural integrity after excavation or utility work. C.H. Paving also offers emergency repair services.

Ideally, drainage should be inspected before you begin any construction work. At C.H. Paving, we can help you identify drainage issues when you call us for asphalt paving or maintenance. We are in the long-haul, and that’s why we don’t short sell any solutions. Contact us today whether you need complete parking lot construction or simple drainage repair.