Asphalt and Road Milling

Asphalt and road milling is the process of removing the top section of a paved surface. During the milling process, we remove just enough thickness from the asphalt to level and smoothen it. This is done with special asphalt milling machinery to avoid damage to the underlying layers. At C.H. Paving, we perform asphalt milling for both commercial and residential properties.


There are several benefits of asphalt milling. For one thing, the materials milled are 100% recyclable, which makes milling an eco-friendly option. Moreover, our professional approach ensures that there is no damage to the sub-base. The elevations, grade, and revels of the curb line will be preserved, and milling will protect the new surface from cracks.

Our milling machines comprise a large, rotating drum that extracts and grinds the asphalt from the paving surface. The asphalt automatically moves to the center of the drum after being sheared. The pavement is then placed onto a conveyor belt attached to the machine, and loaded into a dump truck.  

Other benefits of asphalt milling include lower costs, as it is less expensive than repaving. Moreover, milling places less stress on the foundation. Along with asphalt milling, we also offer milling machine rentals with a professional, licensed operator. Contact us today for your next asphalt milling project!