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Maintenance Tips To Protect Your Asphalt This Winter

The life expectancy of an asphalt surface typically is 25 years. However, how long your pavement will last and remain functional solely depends on how well you protect and maintain it. Although asphalt is a long-wearing paving material, it needs regular maintenance to keep it in perfect shape.

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Your investment is most at risk during winters. Have you ever wondered why in spring you see more cracks in your pavements? The harsh weather elements wreak havoc on your asphalt, resulting in it developing cracks and potholes. However, you can protect your asphalt this winter by following the tips stated below.


A thorough cleaning of your asphalt surface is necessary before the first snowfall. Otherwise, the large debris can damage the top layer of the asphalt surface and cause problems with snowplows. Remove all stones, sticks, leaves, dust, and debris before the ground freezes.


Repair work like crack sealing, crack filling, and pothole repair is complicated during winter. While a cold mix can be used for potholes, freezing temperatures and moisture make it impossible to do anything else.

However, getting all cracks filled before winter is necessary because any moisture or water from the melted snow or ice that may pour into the cracks will freeze and expand in size when the temperature drops. The constant freezing and thawing (expansion and contraction) will damage the asphalt from the inside and weaken the bindings, causing the issue to accelerate.


Sealcoating is a protective layer that is painted on the asphalt surface to protect it against damage. The seal coat stops any moisture from the melted snow or ice from entering into the pavement, making sealcoating a necessary part of pre-winter maintenance.

Also, while sealcoating is essential for winter, it needs to be done beforehand because it requires specific weather conditions to be done correctly. Moisture and cold do not allow the seal coat to properly set, so get it done by autumn. 

Snow Removal

Snow removal is necessary. Not just to avoid accidents, but also to protect your asphalt surface from damage. You should not leave the snow piled up on your pavement for long. However, most of the methods people use for snow removal also prove damaging for the asphalt like using salt, deicers containing harsh chemicals, hot water, and metal-head shovels.

Therefore, it is best to either find the safest techniques for snow removal or acquire a professional’s services.

You have invested a great deal in your asphalt surface; do not let it go to waste. It is better to protect it from damage than undertaking an early repaving project.

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