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3 Reasons Why Delaying Catch Basin Repair Is Detrimental For Your Parking Lot’s Function

 A catch basin is a crucial feature for any property as it drains out all the water and ice forming on the property due to weather or any other condition. However, everything that serves a practical purpose needs to be maintained to keep up with its functionality. 

Same is the case with the catch basin in your parking lot. It is essential to maintain it and repair any faults that occur immediately.

Here, we have a detailed discussion on why it is crucial to repair the catch basin as soon as possible and how not doing so can severely damage your parking lots’ function. 

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Cleanliness and maintenance are compromised

A catch basin’s primary purpose is to keep the parking lot clean and dry during rains, snowfalls, floods, and other such situations. This function stops when the catch basin fails, and thus, water does not drain out.

This not only affects the maintenance situation of the parking lot but also causes standing water to get past the upper layer of asphalt or concrete surfaces, unbinding the tiny particles of the pavement and initiating the decay of the pavement. This all can eventually create a situation where it will become difficult to find a clean and well-maintained spot to park.

Cracks in a damaged catch basin can spread

If the catch basin has been damaged due to a hit by a heavy vehicle and it has cracks, not repairing it immediately would mean more cracks on the surface of the parking lot, making it difficult for the drivers to drive smoothly.

The size of the cracks will keep expanding with more contact with any sort of external pressure. Bigger cracks on the parking lots’ surface may cost you more money to fix it. On the other hand, getting the cracks fixed immediately by a professional pavement repairing company will save you a fortune.

Improper drainage can cause accidents due to slips

Catch basin failure causes standing water and snow over the surface of the parking lot. This can cause serious harm to the drivers as slipping of the car wheels due to water is a prevalent reason for accidents, especially during winters.

These are a few main points that demonstrate why we should never delay catch basin repairs. If you are looking for a sealcoating or pavement repairing company in New Jersey, there is no better choice than C.H. Paving and Sealcoating. To get a free cost estimate for any of our services, click here.